U2C Denys H.265

Full HD DVB-S / S2 receiver with multimedia IPTV / OTT receiver functions

Support for H.265

Video compression format, which is certainly useful when playing video content from USB drives or over the Internet.

Built-in KODI

Built-in firmware plug-ins KODI, high-grade YouTube, Filmix.net, Tree.Tv, VK ;.

Easy software update

Update to the latest version of the software via the Internet;

Easy to use

Download of current lists of channels from the Internet;

U2C Denys H.265


Satellite receiver U2C Denys H.265 - Full HD DVB-S / S2 receiver with multimedia IPTV / OTT set-top boxes, the main changes have touched on the functional. The receiver U2C Denys H.265 is running under mini-Linux, the software is constantly updated, bugs are fixed, new functionality is added - all this captivates both the owners and potential buyers of the satellite receiver. If you study the forums, read the opinions of the owners and testers, then most of the U2C Denys H.265 receives only laudatory reviews, when compared with the receivers from its same class and price segment. Summarizing, we note that the satellite receiver U2C Denys H.265 turned out to be a worthy follower of the earlier released models S + MiniHD and m2 Mini. It not only supports their functionality, but also significantly adds to the possibilities, thereby expanding the scope of application of the satellite receiver.


  • Manufacturer: U2C.
  • Developer: н.д ..
  • Media Player: Good.
  • Processor: GX6622 (600MHz).
  • RAM, MB: 256.
  • Playback: USB.
  • Flash memory, MB: 128.
  • Operating system: Linux (unknown).
  • Multistream support, t2-mi, PLP0: Yes.
  • Card reader: 1.
  • Common Interface: Нет.
  • AC3 Sound Support: Yes.
  • Number of tuners: 1.
  • TV permission: SD, HD.
  • HDMI: Yes.
  • DVB standard: DVB-S, DVB-S2.
  • Removable DVB tuner: No.
  • YPbPr component: No.
  • Compression standard: MPEG2, MPEG4, H.265 (HEVC).
  • Loop output: None.
  • SCART: No.
  • Display: 4-digit (7-segment).
  • Control buttons: None.
  • RF-Out: No.
  • Wi-Fi support: USB Wi-Fi adapter.
  • 3G: Yes.
  • S / PDIF: Coaxial.
  • Ethernet: Yes.
  • Hard Drive: None.
  • RS-232: None.
  • USB: 2.
  • USB-Hub support: nd ..
  • Additional connectors: minijack Audio L / R.
  • eSATA: No.
  • Timeshift: Yes.
  • DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / USALS.
  • Recording (PVR): USB.
  • PIP (picture in picture): No.
  • Installation of plugins / addons: None.
  • YouTube: Yes.
  • InternetTV (IPTV, WebTV and others): Yes.
  • Cooling the receiver: Passive.
  • Power Supply: External 12V / 1.5A.
  • Remote control: Standard.
  • Receiver type: Satellite.
  • Black color.
  • Chipset USB Wi-Fi adapter: RT5370, MT7601.
  • The size of the case: Mini.

U2C Denys H.265

Digital Satellite tuner build in supports DVB/S2 UHD.

Compression standard: MPEG2, MPEG4, H.265 (HEVC).

Digital Audio S/PDIF.

2x USB 2.0 host, media player and PVR ready.

1x Ethernet RJ45.

Transport Stream & Profile Level.

MPEG-4 H.264, HEVC H.265.


Input Data Rate 120 Mbit/s Max.

Video Format 576i, 576P, 720P, 1080i, 1080P.

Satellite receiver U2C Denys H.265 - Full HD DVB-S / S2 receiver with multimedia IPTV / OTT set-top boxes.

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Uclan Denys H.265 (U2C Denys H.265) Спутниковый ресивер U2C Denys H.265. Руководство пользователя – 2 шт (Укр/Рус. AV кабель. Внешний ИК приемник. Пульт дистанционного управления. Батарейки. Внешний блок питания..

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Uclan Denys H.265 (U2C Denys H.265) Satellite Receiver U2C Denys H.265. User’s Guide – 2 pcs (Ukrainian / Ukrainian AV cable, External IR receiver, Remote control, Batteries, External power supply ..

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